Hottest female sport unifroms

Posted on 05. Nov, 2009 in People

The Beach Volleyball Bikini

female uniform1 Hottest female sport unifroms

By far this is the best female sport uniform of all times. One of the sport disciplines that allows women to wear bikini and call it uniform. Women beach volleyball matches attract many male fans and we know why ;).

The Tennis Skirt

female uniform2 Hottest female sport unifroms

Classic and very attractive female sport unfiorm. Makes female athlete look fit and very feminine.

The Gymnastics Leotard

female uniform3 Hottest female sport unifroms

Without a doubt - it’s one the best female sport uniforms. Not only because of the uniform itself, but because of these gorgeous plastic girls.

Tank Top Plus Track and Field Shorts

female uniform4 Hottest female sport unifroms

Runners, pole vaulters, long jumpers - they wear this uniform. Looks great on those athletic girls.

Indoor Volleyball Shorts and Tank Top.

female uniform5 Hottest female sport unifroms

Regular tank top and skin-tight shorts. Especially skin-tight short. Nothing to add here.

Cheerleading Uniform

female uniform6 Hottest female sport unifroms

Although many people do not consider cheerleading as sport it’s part of many male sports. Cheerleading can make you pull for for the team you see for the first time.

Field Hockey Skirt

female uniform7 Hottest female sport unifroms

Traditional outfit for a not-very-traditional sport. But in terms of the hottest female sport uniforms its in the right place.

Surfing Wetsuit

female uniform8 Hottest female sport unifroms

It’s not a very popular sport among sport channels, but believe me - waves, tanned girls, tricks and wetsuits - that looks great.

Soccer Shorts

female uniform9 Hottest female sport unifroms

Some may say that this uniform does not belong to the hottest unifroms. I can’t agree with that. This women can be very muscular, but attractive at the same time. And on some of them this uniform looks really sexy.

Netball Dress

female uniform10 Hottest female sport unifroms

Undeservedly unknown sport. Someone who defined rules and what uniform to wear made the right choice. Those one-piece dresses make netball athletes really attractive.

Figure Skating Attire

female uniform11 Hottest female sport unifroms

Plastic artistic gilrs in various dresses, skirts, costumes and shirts. Everything looks good on them.

Golf Shorts

female uniform12 Hottest female sport unifroms

Classic and smooth uniform. Who cares where the ball will land?

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