Modern Designed Chairs

Posted on 19. Feb, 2009 in Featured, Fun

This is amazing collection of modern chairs and creative chair designs from all over the world. In spite of it beautiful look they don’t seam very comfortable to sit, but I think that it wasn’t the most important thing by designers’ opinion.

modern designed chairs25 Modern Designed Chairs

Skateboard Chair

Creative Skateboard Jet Set lounge chair by Skate Study House.

modern designed chairs01 Modern Designed Chairs

Stackable Kulms Chair

Kulms chair by MisoSoup Design is made from one sheet of bamboo plywood and is designed to be stacked when not in use.

modern designed chairs02 Modern Designed Chairs

Transparent Chair

Calligaris Irony chair made from metal and transparent plastic.

modern designed chairs03 Modern Designed Chairs

Toeloop Chair

Toeloop chair by Mario Stadelmann is made from two pieces of bent polymer joined at both ends to create a seamless loop.

modern designed chairs04 Modern Designed Chairs

Cut Armchair

Creative chair by Filippo Gezzhani designed for The Home Key’s Simple Collection.

modern designed chairs05 Modern Designed Chairs

Screw Chair

Creative chair by Revol Design made from scraps of douglas fir and 3,726 drywall screws.

modern designed chairs06 Modern Designed Chairs

Cutlery Chair

Modern chair uses old cutlery pieces as building blocks to create truly unique pieces of functional furniture.

modern designed chairs07 Modern Designed Chairs

Tube Chair

Modern chair made from stainless steel tubes sourced from reclamation yards.

modern designed chairs08 Modern Designed Chairs

Aperto Chair

Modern chair by Caroline Havag, a design student at Norway’s Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

modern designed chairs10 Modern Designed Chairs


Creative combination of a chair and a clothing hanger.

modern designed chairs11 Modern Designed Chairs

Origami Chairs

Creative chairs designed by Enoc Armengol and Arnau Miquel.

modern designed chairs12 Modern Designed Chairs

Nested Chair

Designed by Dripta Roy of the Canadian based Puur Design Studio, the Magic is four neatly nested chairs in one.

modern designed chairs13 Modern Designed Chairs

ReLegs Chair

Modern chair by Jennifer Heier that is able to go down to its knees.

modern designed chairs14 Modern Designed Chairs

Hairy Chair

Unique chair made from cut paper by Charles Kaisin.

modern designed chairs15 Modern Designed Chairs

Alright Chair

Beautiful rocking chair by Joseph Riehl looks like a comfortable addition to any room.

modern designed chairs16 Modern Designed Chairs

8.0 Ductile Concrete Chair

Omer Arbel, the Vancouver-based designer, has used ductile concrete in its first application as furniture.

modern designed chairs17 Modern Designed Chairs

Barnacle Chair

Creative chair by designer Ania Wagner is made from sustainable wood and lined with a cultivated industrial felt.

modern designed chairs18 Modern Designed Chairs

Ghost Chairs

The plexiglass chairs have ghost-like forms inside them, created with laser technology.

modern designed chairs19 Modern Designed Chairs

modern designed chairs20 Modern Designed Chairs

Shopping Cart Chair

The FU Lounge Chair by Fernando ’FU’ Paullada.

modern designed chairs21 Modern Designed Chairs

High Chair

Modern chair by Chrisopher Kurtze’s studio in the Hudson Valley.

modern designed chairs22 Modern Designed Chairs

Disk Chair

Modern outdoor/garden Disk chair by Karim Rashid.

modern designed chairs23 Modern Designed Chairs

Mars & Venus Chairs

Creative Mars and Venus chairs designed by Mahdi Naim.

modern designed chairs24 Modern Designed Chairs

Modern and Creative Long Chairs

Chaise longue, also known as “chaise lounge” or “lounge chair” in North America, is a chair that is long enough to support the legs.

modern designed chairs09 Modern Designed Chairs

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